Pumpkin Fitness Workout

When you think of Halloween, most of us think of getting dressed up in a costume and getting a bunch of treats (candy!).  Well I’m in the business of getting people INTO
shape, and I’ve got a trick for you – some intense full body exercises using a pumpkin.  It’s my pumpkin fitness fat-burning workout.  I created this in 2005 and since then dozens of trainers have followed suit and put together pumpkin workouts.  Do these workouts a few days per week and you’ll help combat all those Halloween calories you’re putting into your body.  You didn’t really think I was going to give you candy for Halloween did you? ;)

Why a Pumpkin?

Simply put, a pumpkin can act as a weighted ball.  It comes in various weights and sizes and is less expensive than most fitness equipment.  Sure pumpkins don’t last forever, but they are a fun tool to use for exercising during the Halloween season.  Best of all, you can use a pumpkin for conditioning and core strengthening.  A pumpkin can be one of the most effective training tools to use to train your core.  The core of your body consists of the abdomen and lower back musculature.  The core serves as the foundation for the arms and legs.  All movements begin at the core.  As you move, your ability to generate force transcends through the core muscles.  So as you can see, it is vital that you have a strong core and training with a pumpkin can help develop core strength.

I made an entire pumpkin fat loss guide for you which includes 11 exercises and 6 workouts using nothing but a pumpkin.  Download your copy below.

Pumpkin Fitness Workout <<== CLICK

Please leave your comments.  I would love to know if you tried any of these exercises or workouts.

Have a very happy and safe Halloween!


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