Are You Doing Lazy Cardio?

I made a video on You Tube titled “Don’t Do Cardio If You Want Six-Pack Abs,” and someone recently commented on it that he calls the type of cardio that I talk about in the video “lazy” cardio.

Watch the video below to see if you’re doing “lazy” cardio and then make sure you watch at the end, because I’ll reveal the right type of cardio to do to get six pack abs.




  • Sallie

    Thanks for the video, I have been running sprints on a treadmill..only doing about 15 to 20 minutes about 3 to 4 times a week, I do some of the other things you talked about such as squats and lunges.

  • http://htttp:// Raymond Ho

    Thanks Scott excellent tip I wish I saw your video when I started out … I learn't the hard way.
    I am now have pretty close to my the bodyfat level goal ( about 8-9%) so these days I do use a mixture of cardio.
    I sprint either an maximum speed or maximum incline ( not at the same time but working on it haha) but I can only do 2 sprint session a week as its now too tough so I throw in the steady state in the others days as a recovery.