4 Diet Tips to Overcome a Fat Loss Plateau


Everyone reading this has probably experienced a fat loss plateau, right?

You know, you’re going along doing great with your diet and exercise, and melting fat by the buckets and then…


You’re results come to a screaming halt.

You’ve hit the dreaded fat loss plateau.

Well don’t worry – you’re not alone.

This has happened to everyone, including me.  :)

When this does happen, it’s the perfect time to re-examine your mindset, diet and exercise.

I want to focus on the diet side of things, so I asked Jayson Hunter, author of The Carb Rotation Diet, for his best diet strategies for overcoming a fat loss plateau.

And he gave 4 gems.

Check out our quick 6 minute audio Q&A to listen to what Jayson had to say…

Have an amazing day.


  • Marilize

    Hi Scott!

    The advice from Jayson is really meaningful. I also hit the fat-loss-plateau a while ago – and tried to overcome it by cutting out all the refined sugar from my diet and changed my workouts to include more strength training. That seemed to have worked for me.

    Thanks for providing us with this audio clip – and have a nice weekend!


  • jim

    After coming off the single ingrediant 30 day program. (Iactually went 6 weeks) I hit a plateau. I was feeling great, tons of energy, my work outs were strong but I wasn’t showing any progress. I was consuming 2000 calories per day. I actually increased my caloric intake to 2500 per day and splurged on some smores on a camping trip. My wife even commented last night that my belly fat was markedly reduced. I learned i need to mix up my foods and stay out of the rut. Thanks Scott.

  • http://www.top3weightlosstips.com Sam

    Hitting a plateau is an inevitable occurrence on many weight loss diets. And it can be quite discouraging. That means you need to increase the intensity of your workouts or plan your eating menu differently (but still healthy of course!).